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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The City of Boston

Adam likes very much to go on the train to the City of Boston. He doesn't fully comprehend what the City of Boston is, however; he has trouble reconciling the skyline we can see from the bridge with the streets and sidewalks and buildings.  Even in the middle of the city, he'll point to a tall building a few blocks away and say, "Look, there's the city of Boston!"

Last Wednesday, we went to Boston to see our friend Sheila Spinney.  It was a gorgeous day, so we went on the swan boats in the Public Garden, and then had a hot dog for lunch from a cart in the Common.

Adam takes his fun very seriously.  He often doesn't seem to be enjoying things because he looks very serious and focused. 

But this is generally a good sign--he's concentrating on whatever it is, because it's fascinating.

We watched the other boats, and even saw a real swan (plus ducks, and geese, and pigeons, all of which are equally thrilling when you're two and a half).

 (Note his look of intense concentration.  This is a good sign--really!)

The sweetest part, though, is that he brought his pet with him, and carried it very carefully everywhere we went downtown--on the train, on the boat, and at lunch.  The fish loved the City of Boston as much as Adam did.


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