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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Long Walk

Adam and I set out for the library yesterday, Adam on his tricycle, cheerfully singing the library song.  We had many adventures on the way--we ran into our neighbors and watched Adrian jump the curb on his mountain bike.  

Then we walked past City Hall, where there was a community bike day going on.  They were doing inspections and tune ups; they had a little bike course, and the rotary was selling discounted helmets.

So now Adam has a bike helmet.
Then we kept going toward the library and we passed the 21st Century Bank, where they were having a little kids' day.  There was a balloon bender, a drum teacher with all kinds of cool percussion instruments, plus free tote bags and keychain flashlights.

 Adam got a balloon monkey in a balloon tree with balloon bananas.  He didn't want to wear it, though, so I did.  No photos of that, sorry to say.

Finally we made it to the library, where we read some Thomas books and checked out a bunch of kids books on recycling that I ordered.  On the way back home, now laden with purchases, library books, and other acquisitions, we stopped at Modern Pastry for Adam's favorite treat, a green cookie.  (I'm pretty sure it's just an almond butter cookie with food coloring, but it might have a pistachio flavoring.

And then we came home.  I missed most of the rest of the day, since I fell asleep after lunch, but Adam and Mike played outside and in the basement and then later Adam and I played with his car collection in his bedroom.  But we had a really lovely morning, with balloons and drums and bike rides, and it was a great time.


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