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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day

We're finally up to Memorial Day weekend, which was really nice.  We don't have a million pictures, but there was plenty of good stuff--a trip to the zoo with Daddy, a light barbecue with Jo and Tom (we were three blocks away from their house afterward when he asked if they could come over to our house), several lovely meals out on the town.  

And on Sunday, a trip to the furniture store, where Adam demonstrated his new way to walk, and Daddy tried it on for size.

Adam also found a chair just his size--one with TWO cupholders!

On Monday, we went into Boston.  We were going to go to the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA, since there was free admission for the holiday, but we could see from the train that the line stretched all the way around the building.  Have you seen that building?  We are not talking about a trivial line.  So instead we took the train back downtown and ate lunch at the Parish Cafe.

Then we stopped for ice cream. 

Adam was disappointed not to have a "little wooden spoon like a knife" to eat with, but he muddled through.

And then we took the train home.

An all around fabulous weekend.  Seriously, one of those stretches where you kind of realize how much fun it can be to have a kid, and go out and do things as a family.  Also that the T can be fun, and that ice cream is serious business.


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