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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not This Weekend, But Last

We've had a string of really great weekends around here.  Last weekend (not Memorial Day, the one before) is up first.  We took Adam's new trike for a spin to the library book fair.

After that we stopped for a sushi lunch at the local Japanese market, Ebisuya.   Adam is not the most (nor least, I will say) flexible eater in the world, but he's good with world cuisine, just because so many of them involve rice.  Adam loooooooves rice.

We also watched an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood in which Mr. Rogers makes a pet--in this case a construction paper fish on a stick.  Adam had to make a pet, and so did Mama and Daddy, and later Brenda and Jason.

Jason went off the reservation and made a pig, which Adam insists is not a pet, since a pet is a fish on a stick.  He loved, loved, loved his pet.

As an added bonus of that episode of Mr. Rogers, I pretty much constantly have the song Troglodytes Aedon stuck in my head. Now you can, too! Enjoy.


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