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Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Day Downtown

Yesterday was so fun, full of Adam's favorites.  First, we took the train into the City of Boston (which is never referred to as just Boston, but always the City of Boston, thank you very much).  We took the orange line to the blue line (these are important details if you're discussing this with Adam) to the Aquarium. 

We watched the penguins, and we pressed the buttons on the machine, "and then the penguins said everything!"  We learned all about their noises.  Then we saw the big whale skeleton that was hanging from the ceiling.  And we went to the petting tank and Adam touched a starfish.  We also went to the shark and ray petting tank, but Adam's arms weren't quite long enough to touch any of the rays that came to visit our part of the tank.

After that, we took a pedicab from the Aquarium to Mike's work and we had lunch with Daddy "at the City of Boston.  I ate grilled cheese." 

Then, of course, we got to take another train home.  For the most ridiculously hot day I can remember--maybe the hottest of Adam's life so far--we managed to stay cool and get out to see the sights.  I'm pretty proud of us.

A little postscript from this morning, too.  I knocked on Adam's door this morning, and instead of his usual "Come in!" I heard him scurrying to hide under his pillow.  That means it's not time to get up yet, so I went back into my room and listened to the monitor for when he was ready for me to get him up.  What I heard was Adam reenacting his favorite scene from Toy Story, over and over again.  I definitely counted seven times, after I noticed and before I stopped counting. 

"Hey, who's got my hat?"
"I'm Woody.  Howdy howdy howdy!"




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