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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eventually We'll Run Out of Vacation Pics

It'll take a while, though.

Adam proudly going down the stairs.  Since I was standing there taking the photo, this isn't the most exciting incident, but he roamed free through the house throughout the vacation, which I think was quite liberating for him.

This was our first swim of the vacation.  You can't really tell but it was raining a little.  This is why Adam referred to the lake as "the cold, cold water" throughout the rest of the vacation.  As in, "Mama, I want to go for a swim in the cold, cold water."

Here, we hardly even begin to capture the pure chaos of mealtimes.  We have a table with 8 chairs.  We have four families, all with different traditional mealtimes, some with kids who have different specific preferences for meals (Tigerlily liked plain noodles, but only if no one else ate any noodles out of that batch).  There was some delicious homemade pizza in this photo.

Finally, a couple of "behind the magic" photos that explain how we got that one, single group shot.  We do have some nice ones of almost all the families.

I particularly love this one because Becky looks so gloomy in the background.  I'll probably crop it eventually (sorry, Becky!), but as it stands it kind of makes me laugh.

I can't even imagine what this will be like next time, when they're all 3-7 instead of 1-5.  A whole new world, every time.


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