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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacation House

I have explained this vacation to everyone the same way: 4 families.  16 people, 8 of them children under 5.  Imagine that.  Are you imagining it?  Yes, you're absolutely right.  It's just like that.  Which is why there's just the one photograph.

And why Conrad's looking backwards.  There are plenty of other photos of Conrad; he's very photogenic.  

Adam and I tooled around in my new kayak.

And we swam a lot.  He even went skinny dipping for the first time--in the rain!  He spent the rest of the week calling the lake "the cold, cold water."  To be fair, he was right.  He kept saying, "I want to go swimming in the cold, cold water."

It was complete chaos of course, but it was also a lot of fun.  So great to see everyone, swim, row.  I even ported the kayak through a shallow section from one lake to another!  I'll put together some more photos soon, but we really had a blast.


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