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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Out and Aboat

The goal was to take a canoe ride, using our almost unusable Groupon (it's really hard to spend $60 in one outing at that pond!).  Adam was very excited for the trip, so when we met Jo and Tom there and realized how long the line was, we were kind of nervous.  Adam's not going to wait this long.  What can we do?

There is, believe it or not, a good answer: ice cream.

After a trip to Friendly's and a quick stroll around the Stone Zoo (llamas! bats!  One of the bats pooped!), we headed back to the pond and got on the water at 4:45 or so.

Jo & Tom in their double kayak.

 Adam in our canoe.


We did find an Adam-sized paddle, but he mostly dragged it in the water, rather than paddling it.  It was still pretty fun, though, and a lovely day on the water.


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