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Monday, September 19, 2011


We went down to Revels Riversing yesterday afternoon in Harvard Square.  Since the trip started out with a train ride, it was an easy sell.  When we got there, though, it was crowded and busy, with kids playing and two brass bands.  Adam was a little overwhelmed, so we bought a couple of fruit cups and sat as far away from the action as we could.  Then we ducked into a taqueria for dinner, which took longer than I expected, since Adam actually seemed interested in eating.  So we missed the procession.

 (Note Adam still eating his rice and bean plate)

But we caught up with everyone down at the river.  Adam didn't want to sing or dance, and didn't want me to sing or dance.  But once the music started and we sat on the grass and watched the other kids and sang along, he had a great time.

We ran into a few interesting people--introduced ourselves to friends of Marsha's, who were nice enough to stop and talk to us, and ran into some of our own friends.  Then we had our pictures taken with the butterfly and watched the crowd.

And then...well, Adam did this for the rest of the evening:

Other kids started doing this--one mother gave me a direct quote of "I want to do what that kid is doing!"  We became the center of a little whirling community for a few minutes.  Then we walked back to Harvard Square, back to the train, and to the car, and then on home.  On the way home, Adam said, "It's getting dark.  We should get me to bed."

And so we did.



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