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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Surprise

Most of yesterday we spent running errands--picking up something Mike left at work, the library, the grocery store, and a lovely lunch at Bertucci's.

But we knew Brenda and Jason were coming over, and that they had a surprise for Adam.  He asked all day what the surprise was, and I never quite convinced him that telling him would have defeated the whole purpose.

Then it arrived, and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with it!

Not captured here are the chase scenes running in circles around the tent, the game where Brenda and I are inside and Adam paws at the tent like an animal trying to get in, the game where he zips or unzips and someone else uses the other zipper to keep him from opening and closing, and the general bossing around Adam did. 

Mike tells me that Adam's first question this morning was whether Brenda and Jason were still here.  Apparently his disappointment was ameliorated by the fact that they left the tent for him.  I woke up to the sound of Mike and Adam having a shrieking good time in the front yard.

Thank you, BrendaJason!


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