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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Cruise with David Coffin

Gotta get caught up!  It's been a whole week since we went on a Boston Harbor Cruise narrated by David Coffin.

As usual, this was one of those strange choices Marsha makes to spend her leisure time engaging in an activity that scares the pants off her.  Boat-wise, it wasn't that bad, the rather sensible limit of her fear is whether she feels confident she could swim to shore.  There are a lot of islands in the Harbor, so we were fine on that count.

There was a delightful brunch.

And Adam had his "surprises" (mini construction equipment) to play with.

Also cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies.

That's David Coffin.  He's the song leader for Christmas Revels every year, and he narrates the Harbor cruise.  The website description lists him as a raconteur, while I prefer the title "anecdotalist," but he gives a good cruise.  There were all kinds of interesting facts--where Boston used to dump their garbage (Spectacle Island), how the city was filled in (did you know the Old State House used to be on the water?), the fact that George Lucas may or may not have been inspired to create the AT-AT based on some of the cranes at the shipyards (sounds unlikely, but looks half-convincing).

It was a lovely afternoon, and Marsha didn't freak out once.  We're all very proud!


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