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Monday, October 3, 2011


Friday at the Deerfield Fair ended up being, in large part, a journey from one tractor sales area to another.  Adam could only be teased away from the backhoes and front loaders with a promise of more backhoes and front loaders--in different colors--at the next stop.  In this way, we darted around the fairground for the day.

It was a gorgeous day sandwiched in between two grim and rainy ones--we were super lucky.  And there were camel rides!  Adam was too little to take one, but still--camel rides!

 Aforementioned diggers.

 French fries.

 This looks like we had shoulder rides, but really he tolerated this for about 20 seconds--long enough for a photo.
 More diggers.

 Roller coaster!  Adam and I went on a roller coaster!  He watched it go around the little track, called it a train, and asked to get on.  We did, and as soon as it started to move, he asked to get off.  But he was very brave through the whole thing.  And, if I may say so myself, so was I.  Though there were no plummets, so it wasn't that hard.


 Speaking of brave, Marsha was a trouper on the Ferris wheel.

 Adam had a great time on it.  

 ....aaaand more diggers.

Also, Adam wandered around for a fill five or six minutes with this dragonfly perched jauntily on his hat.  Of course, he had no idea, but Dylan and I both thought it was kind of awesome.

Fabulous day.  Tons of fun.  Lots of delicious, bad-for-you food, smelly livestock, and diggers--so many wonderful diggers.  Fun for the whole family!


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