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Sunday, November 6, 2011


A few weeks ago we went to the Flatbread Company for dinner with Jo and Tom.  This is the pizza place that is in what used to be the somewhat skeevy Sacco's Bowl Heaven in Davis Square.  The bowling alley wasn't doing very well (in spite of the hipster neighborhood and the presumed market for run-down candlepin bowling that should come with that), and after a bunch of community meetings, they decided that a big, healthy, family-friendly restaurant/bowling alley was the way to go.  And the food is really fabulous, though there are only a few lanes and it's hard to get one.

When we went with Jo and Tom for dinner on a weeknight, we weren't able to bowl after eating--no time before Adam's bedtime.  Since then, Adam has been begging to go pizzabowling, which is his name for the place.  So today, we did.

He got the hang of it by the end, though I love the little duck walk as he starts to get ready to straddle for the push. And he tried out a lot of different arm motions right after the bowl, based primarily on my tendency to either put my hands on my hips or lace my fingers behind my back while I'm watching my balls roll.  He also asked to keep the shoes.

And apparently, Sunday at 2:30 pm is a good time to get a lane, in case you're curious.



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