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Thursday, March 15, 2012


This gorgeous weather has made for a fabulously early First Trip To the Beach.  We didn't swim, of course (though Adam was a little concerned that we didn't have bathing suits), but we dug in the sand and chased the seagulls and picked up shells and went down to feel how cold the water was.  Answer: very.

Adam was very, VERY excited about making cupcakes for Marsha's birthday yesterday.  (Happy birthday, Marsha!)  He did all the measuring and pouring, all the stirring until I had to turn the beater on (then he went into the living room and made whale noises like this: "WOOOOOAAAAAAAOOOOUUUUUUU!").  He helped me pour the batter into the cups, and the next day, did the frosting himself, as illustrated below.

Dude was VERY excited about Marsha's birthday.  Also, he insisted that he get to blow out a candle on his dessert cupcake, to show how good he's gotten at blowing.

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