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Friday, August 31, 2012

New Ritual

After dinner, if we're thinking of having dessert, we need to walk around the block.  Marsha came up with this one day, and now it's a must-do.  Sometimes we walk but don't bother with dessert (rarely), and if we forget and have dessert first, Adam insists that we go for the walk after.

Really, though, it mostly ends up being a run.  We start at each corner and race up the block.

On the last stretch we count the trees.  There are 11.

Sometimes we hang around in one spot, or start over from the corner if we did it wrong.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Late With Updates

The camera's been broken (it turns out that one of the slots in my battery charger was broken, so the camera might be all right), but also I'm a slacker.  But I've got a photo for you today, and an anecdote.

First, the anecdote: when Adam wants to do something right now, he says we should do it straightaway.

Second, the photo.  This is Adam's Lego version of the Mars rover Curiosity.

His specifications involved six wheels, a claw arm at the front, and a head for the camera.  You can also see, in the background, the sky crane he made for lowering it to the planet.  Short story: Adam loves robots.

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